I’m Natasya

I’m a Yogi, entrepreneur, eternal optimist, full time freedom and joy seeker and wholly committed to helping you let your inner light shine as brightly as it can.

My Story

“Open your heart and listen to your soul, then breathe deep and step into your light.”Natasya Yusoff -


Step inside and be inspired. Natasya shares her thoughts on living a yogic life, fully embracing who you are and not giving a hoot about what others may think of your life choices.

Journey with Tash through meditation practices, yoga asana flows, and all manner of awesomeness to manifest your best life ever.

Inspire Me

Anything is possible if you just believed in your own brilliance.Natasya Yusoff -

Coming Soon

Courses to take you from Blaaaah to Yeehaaa (unicorn style)!

Watch this space
Natasya Yusoff -